Long Term Missions




1-  Teach.  Take over teaching one of the Discovery School’s classes for one trimester to a whole year.  The Burundian staff will rotate through your room serving as your assistant and translator for one month.  This will improve their English and the students’ English.  It will also help improve the level of education Discovery School is able to offer, both by teaching the students and by helping the Burundian teachers to improve their methods.

2- Write lesson plans.  I write many of the lesson plans used at Discovery School from scratch.  Other purchased curriculum must be contextualized and explained.

3. Biology/Chemistry teacher desired to mentor the local teachers and help develop the local curriculum. 3 months to a year desired!




1-    Audit and organize—We need help setting up our new Quick Books Pro software to help with the Discovery School’s accounting needs.


2-    Train nationals—The clinic, school for the deaf, school for the blind, Timothy Bible School, and the Community Based Rehabilitation program all need people to be trained to take over accounting for them.


We truly need someone to come alongside us who has mad organizational skills (and some computer skills, too). It would be ideal to have someone relocate here, but the job could also be done by someone who made periodic visits to get the lay of the land and then kept up with things via computer from abroad.  Let us know if you would like to know more specifics.