Spiritual Life


"...go and make disciples..."

Matthew 28:19-20


A biblical-worldview is taught in each content area. Students are taught to think “biblically” in all academic disciplines. God’s Word is key component to this way of thinking. Faculty and staff spend time getting to know the students. This takes time but the relationships that are built help the teachers get to know their students academically and spiritually. Trust is built and teachers are able to communicate with the students on a deeper spiritual level. 


Bible Classes and Chapel

All preschool and primary classes have a daily Bible lesson and prayer time.  Seventh grade has a weekly Bible class and a bi-monthly chapel service.  



Students from every grade level that exhibit leadership potential are invited to join the Discovery School’s choir.  The choir practices outside of school hours.  Members memorize scripture, practice their public speaking, and participate in community service projects as well as performing at school functions.


Student Led Bible Studies

15-20 students are currently involved in student-led Bible studies.  They take turns leading the study and then take time to pray for each other.  The plan is for this program to gradually expand as more and more students become confident leading and can hive off to start new groups.  


Daily Teacher Prayer Time

The Discovery School staff begins each morning with a time of singing, prayer, and Bible study.  Devotionals often focus on the year’s theme.  This is a time that helps everyone remember that their work at Discovery is not just a job, but a ministry as well.



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