Discovery School Needs

"Every good and perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17


$250 buys a used laptop here in Burundi & used computers can be carried over

On the left you see the lovely computer lab we have for students, which is in use all day long as we seek to give technology instruction to over 900 students. The big remaining issue is computers for teacher use.  The vast majority of our teachers cannot afford their own computers.  The school has only the nine computers you see on the right for teacher access, and these are also used for small group electives like web design at the high school level.  We have 64 teachers divided into 13 departments.  It would be wonderful if we could at least have 1 computer per department that teachers could use for entering grades in excel and doing research for their lessons.  Donations of used computers (contact us for instructions)        or money to purchase used laptops locally would be an incredible blessing to the school and would raise the level of instruction in all classes.  If we received enough, we could run a lease to buy program for the teachers as individuals.

alto recorders

$20 Gives the gift of musical harmony

We would like to teach all our students to read music, as music is particularly close the Burundian heart and an integral part of the local culture. We have been able to purchase soprano recorders locally.  If we could add some alto recorders, we could add harmony, changing the squeaky sound of many soprano recorders into something beautiful and have an ensemble that could play at school events.  

training seminars

$175 dollars provides 2 hours of training for our entire faculty

In order to keep costs down, we are currently doing all professional development on teacher development days where the school does not have to pay teachers extra to attend, as the day is part of their regular working hours.  However, as few of our faculty have had access to formal training in education, there is a need for training that goes far beyond what is possible in that limited amount of time.  We currently have 70 faculty members.

desks & chairs

$60 dollars provides a desk and chair for one student

The school is growing at such an incredible rate that it has been hard for us to keep up with the chairs and tables required.  Sometimes we have to cobble together odds and ends, like we did in the science lab above.  We would like to build some long narrow tables and purchase some accompanying chairs-- 26 desk and chair combos would furnish this lab, but even one would be a big help!