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Extracurricular Activities

English Media Outlets

As an English-speaking school, we are often invited to participate in English-language radio, and sometimes even television programs.  Students can also join the school media team and work to create our yearbook.

Listen to DS Students on Radio Colombe
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Secondary School Clubs

Secondary students have the opportunity to attend a club of their choice two Fridays each month.  Another Friday is spent in French Club, and the last is for Chapel.

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Field Trips

When possible, students take trips off campus to experience things that relate to their learning.  Students often explore nature by taking walks around the larger CEEM compound where the school is located.  They have also visited expos, Musée Vivant, & other nearby sites.  We are always looking for new places to go!




Student Government

Students watch as the new Student Body President and his cabinet are sworn into office. Along with class delegates, these leaders enhance communication between students and bring new ideas for ways to improve student life.




Rooted in Christ. Ready for Tomorrow.

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