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Our Schedules

Our school day schedules vary based on grade level, with the hours spent at school gradually increasing until students begin keeping the full schedule in P5.   


All students begin the day at 7:30am.


Nursery and Preschool run M-F until 11:45 

P1 students attend until 3:45pm on Mondays, until 12:20pm Tuesday-Thursday, and until 1:05pm on Fridays.

P2-P4 students attend until 3:45pm Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  They attend until 12:20pm on Tuesdays, and until            1:05pm on Fridays.

P5-G13 students attend until 3:35pm Monday-Thursday, and until 1:05pm on Fridays.

Click on a grade level below to see a representative schedule for students at that grade level.

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