Our Staff


  • Sixty-two teachers, ten administrative staff, and thirty-eight support staff make up the Discovery School family.  

  • Our teachers meet the Burundian government’s qualifications for teaching at their level and are also given extra on-the-job training through the East African branch of the Association of Christian Schools International and the school’s own training arm, BEST (Burundi Education Solutions and Training).

  • Our teachers are adequately fluent in the language in which they need to teach, either English or French. However, even if they will be teaching in French, they know enough English to understand the content of staff meetings and administrative documents.

  •  All of them have been through our special Discovery School training course and participate in staff development seminars throughout the year.  

  • We are able to offer our staff daily tea and bread, health insurance, and free education for their children, as well as the opportunity to participate in an employee saving and lending program.  

  • All full-time staff of the school are, to the best of the ability of others to determine, people with deep faith in Christ and outstanding moral integrity, who are committed to support the heritage and Christian principles of the school and adhere to school policy. They are regular attendees at a church (a reference letter from their pastor is part of their portfolio) and take the Scriptures as their rule of faith, worship and practice.

  • As well as sharing fun experiences like these, we support each other through all the ups and downs of life—going to people’s homes to celebrate the arrival of new babies, attending weddings and funerals, and chipping in for hospital bills when necessary.  We share daily devotions and prayer time, and love singing together.  Being a part of this group is a huge blessing!


"Rooted in Christ, Ready for Tomorrow"

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