Short Term Missions

We can use anyone who is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, is 18 or over, and is fluent in English.


Short term service options:


Discovery School-- playing with children, leading/teaching small groups in reading, art, computer, or any other subject you are comfortable with, creating materials, and helping with daily operations 


Building projects-- playgrounds, water systems/plumbing, electrical, car maintenance, general repairs, painting murals


ESL—teaching English to several groups of 10-20 people ranging in ability from zero level beginners to advanced intermediate


Bible teaching—sharing a testimony with the teen Sunday School, teaching SS, preaching


Computers and Communication—help with computer training, computer maintenance, designing and maintaining web pages, creating video clips and brochures to help share the work


Camp ministry—come and teach the local teen SS leaders how to lead a Christian camp by leading a camp for 3 weeks (a facility is available in June and August)

One month or more--We need someone to come alongside us who has mad organizational skills (and some computer skills, too). It would be ideal to have someone relocate here, but the job could also be done by someone who made periodic visits to get the lay of the land and then kept up with things via computer from abroad.  Let us know if you would like to know more specifics.


Longer term requirements (3 mos or more):Trained teachers and anyone with accounting/business abilities that also meet the qualifications above.